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NPAO Statement on Bill 124

NPAO Statement on Bill 124 The Nurse Practitioners' Association of Ontario (NPAO) welcomes and supports the Ontario government's move to repeal Bill 124 in the wake of the Appeal Court’s ruling that deemed the law unconstitutional. This bill, which enforces a one percent annual wage cap on public sector workers, including Nurse Practitioners,...

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NPAO Commends Health Care Agreement between Federal and Provincial Governments

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 9th, 2024 NPAO Commends Health Care Agreement between Federal and Provincial Governments TORONTO (February 9, 2024) - The Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario (NPAO) commends the recent announcement of a groundbreaking health care agreement between the federal and Ontario government. This landmark deal represents a significant step...

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NPAO Position Statements

Position Statement on Nurse Practitioners in Independent Practice and NP Clinics

The Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario (NPAO) represents almost 5,000 Nurse Practitioners (NPs) across the province. NPAO is dedicated to the empowerment and integration of NPs across Ontario. NPs are highly educated, trained, and experienced practitioners who can meet the healthcare needs of many Ontarians, including through primary, hospital, and specialty care.  Our...

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The Nurse Practitioners Association of Ontario (NPAO) is thrilled by the recent announcement from the Ontario Ministry of Health regarding the allocation of additional funding towards expanding interprofessional primary care and existing programs.

This is a significant investment that will support Nurse Practitioners, as integral healthcare team members, in ensuring Ontarians receive the high-quality, timely care they deserve. NPAO looks forward to continuing to work with the Ministry of Health to advance our shared goals of comprehensive and accessible healthcare delivery. https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1004143/ontario-connecting-over-300000-people-to-primary-care-teams

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NPAO Position Statements

2024 Pre-Budget Written Submission

Summary of NPAO Recommendations:1) Integrate Nurse Practitioners Across the Health System and Sectorsthrough Adequate Compensation and Funding Models2) Support Nurse Practitioners in the Delivery of Quality Long-Term Care3) Support Ontarians by Adapting Nurse Practitioner Funding Models toInclude Mental Health Care Recommendation One: Integrate Nurse Practitioners Across the Health System and Sectors Through Adequate...

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NPAO Position Statements

NEXT STEPS IN ONTARIO’S YOUR HEALTH PLAN: Nurse Practitioners Can Further Alleviate Pressure on Wait Times for Surgeries and Diagnostic Procedures

The Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario acknowledges the Ontario government's efforts under the Your Health Plan to improve access to surgeries and diagnostic procedures. While we appreciate the steps taken, we strongly assert that the funding for Nurse Practitioners must be expanded to significantly contribute to these goals. Nurse Practitioners continue to be...

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