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NP Paediatrics Board Member


Term: 2 Years

The authority of the Board of Directors (“the Board”) is defined by Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario’s (NPAO, “the Association”) Bylaws and applicable provincial and federal laws. The Board utilizes a governance model in line with its legal and fiduciary duties to oversee the operations of the Association. The Board has a responsibility to act in the best interest of the Association and its Members and accepts the legal responsibility for overseeing operations. Each individual Board member is held accountable to the Board of Directors and the Members of the Association in which they represent. The Board is fully informed about organizational matters and participates in deliberations and decisions on policy, planning, finance and services. The Board has a responsibility to represent membership, provide leadership and ensure the financial
viability and sustainability of the organization.

General Board Member Expectations

  • Meet all the expectations of an officer of NPAO as defined by relevant legislation and the Bylaws and Policies of the Association.
  • Determine and support the achievement of the mission, vision and strategic direction of the Association
  • Support the development and compliance with Association’s policies and procedures that reflect NP professional role, best practice and current applicable provincial and federal law
  • Ensure legal, professional and ethical behaviour in all business of the Association
  • Assess and protect against internal or external risks that may impede successful operations of the Association
  • Promotes membership recruitment activities through positive representation of the Association
  • Attend all Board Meetings (as defined in the “Attendance” policy)
  • Participate in internal or external committee activities that support the strategic direction and goals of NPAO.
  • From time to time, Board members may be required to perform operational duties at the discretion of the Board.
  • Good standing member of NPAO
  • Current registration in Ontario, as a Registered Nurse in the Extended Class

Specific Role Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Holds a Specialty Certificate as an NP- Pediatric
  • Represents the voice of Pediatric NPs and NPs working in acute-care hospitals.
  • Represents the NPAO and Pediatric/Hospital-based NPs in external working groups and committees.
  • Participates in communities of practice (COP) assigned to the NP-Pediatric Director Portfolio.

Skills Required

  • Strategic planning and leadership skills
  • Understanding of the current health care climate, government in office, and current NP issues and barriers to practice
  • Understanding of government policy development process
  • Strong communication skills and ability to build partnerships and alliances
  • Sufficient time to devote to the duties of the Board
  • Strong computer skills
  • Board of Directors experience an asset

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