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Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology

Job Title / Position:Part time Registered Nurse Practitioner
City:North York
Time Commitment:Part Time

Job Description

Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology is a private career college located in North York, Toronto. We are dedicated to helping students get the most from their training, and preparing them for successful careers.

The Registered Nurse Practitioner will provide nursing care to the student body, including assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation of student health and health care programs, direct nursing care, and counseling services, in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of the College of Nurses of Ontario Standards of Nursing Practice, and the Health Discipline Act. Students can access health teaching, nursing assessment, advice and treatment, counseling, and general support in a confidential manner.


Carry out thorough nursing physical and/or mental health assessments of students that present feeling unwell, injured, or expressing concerns about their social-emotional wellbeing.
Provide emergency assessment, first aid and health care to ill or injured students, and determine if additional care is required (e.g. doctor, emergency room care)
Plan and implement individual care programs for students to address physical and socio-emotional health concerns
Provide counseling to students experiencing mental health problems, and refer forward if necessary to psychologist, counselor or outside support
Complete incident reports and maintain student health records up to date
Collaborate with Student Services regarding academic support plans where necessary, and communicate where appropriate with faculty regarding Care Plans
Develop and deliver health promotion programs to support overall health and wellbeing, including programs on nutrition, physical activity, mental health and wellbeing, healthy relationships, substance use, suicide, self harm and other topics relevant to the student body or specific segments of the student body

Job Requirements


Completion of university, college registered nursing program, and current registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario.
Current registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario as a Registered Nurse in the Extended Class (Primary Health Care or Adult) and entitled to practice. The nurse is accountable to the College of Nurses in maintaining registration and meeting professional standards of nursing care
Five years of general nursing experience, preferably in an educational or similar setting
Certification in First Aid and CPR (HCP level)
Knowledge of counselling theory and techniques for recognizing and treating mental health issues
Full knowledge of the College of Nurses of Ontario Standards of Nursing Practice, including limitations on practice scope
Knowledge of standards , emerging issues and best practices for the development and delivery of health and safety and wellness programs
Ability to assess individual health issues of students and develop a plan of care and/or refer forward for more specialized care
Ability to interact with students on highly sensitive issues, provide advice and guidance, and gain their confidence

Job Application Methods

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