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Clinician Remuneration for OHT Planning Work

February 3, 2021

NPAO and NPLCA recommend that the province of Ontario standardize clinician compensation
rates for clinical participation in OHT development.
In the absence of such standardization, both organizations strongly support the application of
the following principles in the development and disbursement of remuneration for all clinicians
participating in OHT planning :

  1. Acknowledgement of Expertise
    OHT planning and implementation necessarily involves the expertise and time of all
    participants. The expertise required is typically less that of professional designation and more
    of lived experience, education, work experience, systems knowledge and community
  2. Recognition of Time Commitment
    Many participants do so at expense to or in addition to usual role responsibilities and time
    commitments. Others may choose to participate as part of an organizations “in kind
    ‘contribution. Still others may participate as a function of other community roles. In all cases
    OHT work demands member time and attention.
  3. Fairness
    As the foundation of an equitable health care system, the OHT must balance historical power
    dynamics, empower members from all walks of life by modelling model equity in the
    experience and recognition of member expenses and time.
    Financial recognition is not intended to be income replacement rather, recognition for
    commitment to the work of the OHT
    Remuneration through the OHT should be provided only where it is not already being provided
    through other mechanisms.


  1. Options for Remuneration:
    • direct stipend from the OHT for self-employed or those who participate outside of
      scope of their organizational role
    • member organization reimburse participant at a predetermined rate, typically that
      person’s regular salary, as part of that organizations “in kind “commitment
  2. Out of pocket expenses for all participants should be reimbursed, with receipts provided.
  3. Provided that the clinician is not being remunerated through another mechanism, they are
    eligible for remuneration for:
    • Committee or Working Group leadership
    • Steering Committee or Operations (core Planning Committee) participation
    • Speaking at an OHT Event (Town Hall, Governance Committee)

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