Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice at NPAO are groups of NPs with similar interests looking for an opportunity to network and move initiatives forward in their respective communities of expertise.  COPs provide NPs with a social network to share experiences to better understand their practice environment to engage in conversation with other NPs.   This networking allows NPs to identify mentorship experiences, to bring forward issues requiring political action and to develop potential research initiatives.  Most importantly, Communities of Practice provide NPs, from similar practice settings, with the ability to speak with a common voice.


Benefits of Communities of Practice

  • Access to common space on website for shared documents and resources
  • Access to a liaison from the Board or staff that supports and responds to issues brought forward by the CoP Chair
  • Access to NPAO conference line, NPAO website presence, quarterly advertisement of CoP to members
  • Provide annual single day retreat (for small fee from members to off-set cost)
  • Opportunity to meet with at AGM


Membership in an NPAO Community of Practice

  • Members must be members of NPAO with a common interest in furthering NP Practice in a particular realm
  • A minimum of five members is required
  • Groups should have a designated Chair and Secretary
  • Groups should develop Terms of Reference: community expectations, group needs, accountability of members
  • Groups should have an identified CoP structure or theme (s): practice, research, peer-peer learning, education etc.
  • A Representative from each Group should participate in the President’s meeting at the annual general meeting (AGM)
  • Groups should provide at least an annual summary report to the Board of Directors (or more frequently as needed)

In this section of the website you will find information on existing Communities of Practice.

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