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Day in the Life – Meet NP Marie Greer-King

November 13th, 2015

Marie Greer King


The Strength of Team Work and Networking key for NP Marie during a day in the life at Alexandra Marine and General Hospital in Goderich

I graduated from the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program at Western University in 2011. After graduating, I spent a year at a community health center before accepting my current position at the Alexandra Marine & General Hospital (AMGH) in Goderich. AMGH is a 42 bed rural hospital that provides acute, psychiatric, emergency, surgical, obstetrical and ambulatory care to the surrounding community. We have an amazing interdisciplinary team that includes physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, dietitians, social work, housekeeping, kitchen staff and maintenance. I work in three different areas of the hospital: the emergency department, the prenatal clinic and the mental health inpatient unit.

On a typical day, I start by checking for prenatal lab and ultrasound reports on the second floor and deal with the results appropriately. This might entail contacting the physician on call for obstetrics that day to discuss or calling the patient to share the results and the treatment plan. As the consistent provider in the prenatal clinic, it is my job to ensure that these results are followed up. If it is not prenatal clinic day, then I proceed to the mental health inpatient unit and access my list of patients.

In the mental health inpatient unit, I am responsible for completing the history and physical for new patients. I am also consulted by the psychiatrists or nurses regarding episodic or chronic health concerns. I spend my morning seeing patients to collect a history, perform a physical exam, order pertinent laboratory or diagnostic tests, dictate any notes, write any orders, follow up on previously ordered tests, and/or consult physician partners as needed. Then it is lunch time.

Lunch is often spent at various committee meetings. I currently sit on the Medical Advisory Committee, the Emergency Committee, the Obstetric Committee, the Electronic Health Record Committee, & the Perioperative Committee. Meetings are not always at lunch and I often have to rearrange my day to accommodate attending various meetings. In addition to sitting on committees, I have also taken a lead role in projects at AMGH. I am the clinical lead for the Women’s Care portfolio of our Clinical Services Plan. I am also the project lead for Virtual Baby and developed a web-based search engine called BIRCH (Breastfeeding Information Resource for the County of Huron) for our community. After lunch/meetings/project work, it’s time to go to the emergency department.

In the emergency department, I assess and treat patients with Canadian Triage and Acuity scale (CTAS) of 3, 4 or 5. I consult with my physician partners if needed but can usually provide care independently. I collect a history, perform a physical exam, order laboratory and diagnostic tests as needed, interpret the results of those tests, order medication, decide on the treatment plan and follow up required. It is a fast paced, changing environment. As we have no walk in clinic, the emergency department is sometimes the only primary health care option for members of our community.


I love my job and appreciate the diversity in my nurse practitioner role at AMGH. My days are always full and never dull. I continue to learn from my patients and colleagues every day. Although I am the only NP at AMGH, I have an amazing network of NPs in Goderich and we get together monthly for a problem based learning group and case discussions. I am so lucky to be part of such a great health care community!

Marie Greer-King, NP-PHC

Alexandra Marine and General Hospital

Goderich, ONT.

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