MOH – Ontario Regulation 257/00 Amendments under the Ambulance Act: Proof of Paramedic and Paramedic Student Immunization Against Communicable Diseases

Amendments are being made to Regulation 257/00 under the Ambulance Act that provide a more flexible approach to the confirmation of vaccinations in the ambulance sector. These amendments would allow:

  • non-physician health care professionals (e.g., nurse practitioners, nurses, and pharmacists) to confirm vaccinations for paramedics, paramedic students and other health care professional students involved in ambulance service delivery in a manner consistent with existing permissions for these professions to administer vaccines.
  • nurse practitioners to confirm vaccination contraindications for the above noted parties involved in ambulance service delivery.

The effective date for the Regulation 257/00 changes is January 1, 2022, and the changes will be
listed in e-Laws ( Changes on the same effective
date will also be made to the Ambulance Service Communicable Diseases Standards and Patient
Care and Transportation Standards to ensure that these standards remain consistent with the
revisions to Regulation 257/00.

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