NPAO Strategic Plan

NPAO is pleased to release its new Strategic Plan for 2021-2024 (see links below). We feel it captures the priorities of Nurse Practitioners in Ontario as it was your voice that was central throughout the discussions in determining these directions. Through input from the members (twice in 2020), the Board of Directors, external stakeholders, and through NPAO’s daily experiences, major themes or pillars for what NPAO’s priorities should be became evident. Using that same feedback, the NPAO Board identified a number of goals and objectives to set the sights for NPAO over the next few years.

It should be pointed out that the priorities identified are to be addressed over the next few years. What it does not reflect is all of the work that is currently being done on behalf of our members that will continue to take place. All of the webinars, workshops, and conferences provided by NPAO for NPs will continue. All of the meetings NPAO attends to represent NPs will continue. The priorities in the Strategic Plan will help focus some of those efforts, however, and there will be an increased reliance on the membership to be engaged in helping to deliver many of these outcomes.

Many of the goals and objectives will be challenging. It became obvious through deliberations that there is a strong need to engage the members in accomplishing our objectives. NPs need to increase their visibility to facilitate attainment across most of the objectives identified. NPAO needs NPs to contribute to the education and awareness building efforts, the advocacy and stakeholder relations work, and the development of education and resources. NPAO needs to enhance the engagement of its Communities of Practice to align with the achievement of the goals and create value for members. NPAO will employ ad hoc task forces to focus on the development of position papers and other evidenced-based documents, which are the tools Governments use in developing health care policy.

There is much to be proud of with where NPs are today, and much more to be done. NPAO is the only organization exclusively dedicated to advancing the Nurse Practitioner profession. That is our purpose and the attached plan represents our approach to delivering value to the NP profession.

NPAO thanks members for their input into determining the priorities and looks forward to working with you on achieving these objectives.

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