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Thanks for your interest in finding an NP as a primary health care provider. The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care currently funds several different types of organizations that employ NPs. We can recommend several strategies to help you identify the organizations in your area that might employ NPs and may be taking patients. While we cannot guarantee that these strategies will locate an NP, you can try to locate an NP through:

1. Health Care Connect (MOHLTC)

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) has established Health Care Connect to provide the public with information on health care services in their communities. Click on the Health Care Connect link, then click on medical service directory and scroll to the bottom to agree to the terms of use. At the next screen click Family Health Teams, Community Health Centres and Nurse Practitioner Led Clinics. You can limit the search by distance using your postal code.

Health Care Connect offers another service for patients who do not have a primary health care provider (e.g., a family physician or a nurse practitioner). You can register with HCC and complete a health status review which will determine your priority. The HCC nurse will work to find you a health care provider. Again you are not guaranteed a nurse practitioner.

2. CNO Nurse Registry

The College of Nurses of Ontario offers a searchable database of nurses, and can be accessed by visiting:

3. The Association of Community Health Centres (CHC)

Another website is the Association of Community Health Centres. CHCs employ NPs and physicians and provide health care to communities. You can use your postal code to access a list of CHCs in your area.

4. NP-Led Clinics and Family Health Teams

By the end of 2011, a total of 26 nurse practitioner led clinics (NPLCs) and 50 new family health teams (FHTs) will have opened across Ontario. The NPLCs will accept patients who do not currently have a primary care provider. FHTs will retain their current patients and, where feasible, will add patients with the intent of also taking unattached patients. To learn more about where these new clinics will be located, go to:

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