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NPAO COVID-19 Recruitment

We know there are many NPs who are unemployed and underemployed who are ready to step up and assist where needed during this COVID-19 pandemic. As well, there are many NPs currently working full-time who are able to do additional work outside of their current role. We know you want to help. This is what we do as NPs. It’s who we are. The provincial government has made several announcements recently related to increasing the capacity of our health care system to deal with patients who require assessment, screening, and follow-up for COVID-19. As a result, we have been in discussions with the Ministry of Health to identify potential areas where NPs could be utilized. These discussions include, among others, advocating for alternate funding models which would allow NPs to practice outside of the traditional employment settings, and increased access to telemedicine for virtual visits.

The Ministry of Health is interested to know how many NPs would potentially be available for deployment in COVID-19 pandemic service delivery. To that end, we have established a database of NPs who agree to be contacted for potential opportunities in various sectors of the health care system. Adding your name to the database in no way obligates you to accept any future opportunities. We will not release your name to any third party, including the Ministry of Health. Once you have registered we will send you updates once we have more information to share. This database is open to NPAO members and non-members so please feel free to share this link with your colleagues.

NPAO COVID-19 NP Recruitment
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