NPAO Conference COVID-19 Policy


In accordance with Ontario laws, masks must be worn inside at all times, even if fully vaccinated.


The Province of Ontario Bylaws require contact tracing and screening of active COVID-19 symptoms for all meeting attendees.



  • A hotel associate will be stationed at the entrance to the event space to validate COVID-19 vaccination status and photo ID of all attendees
  • Should an individual refuse to provide their vaccination status or identification, they will be refused entry with the exception of a government approved exemption

Accepted photo ID:

  • Driver’s license
  • Birth certificate
  • Government identification card (e.g. health card)
  • Passport
  • Citizenship card
  • Permanent Resident card
  • Indian Status Card or Indigenous Membership Card


  • All third party vendors must receive and agree to written communication detailing access to hotel, safety procedures, social distancing and Mask wearing.
  • All third party vendors must check in with security to undergo COVID-19 prescreening to gain access to any area of the hotel.
  • All individuals must have name tag or logoed uniform indicating company.
  • A copy of onsite vendor staff list will be required by each supplier with email addresses for contact tracing. Meeting Event Manager will need to be updated with any last minute schedule changes.
  • Groups will be required to provide a detailed schedule of load-in time for their exhibitors to ensure proper flow during dock/ elevator access
  • Hotel owned equipment (carts/dolly’s) will not be loaned out. All vendors are required to provide their own and ensure it is properly sanitized on the loading dock.
  • All 3rd party vendors must receive and agree to written communication detailing hotel access, safety measures, social distancing and mask wearing
  • Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in asking the vendor to leave the property


  • Record all names and contact information of event attendees
  • QR Code for contact tracing & COVID-19 symptom screening will be provided in advance and be placed at the entrance of large meeting rooms
  • Small meetings (less than 20) will be provided with a form at the entrance of each meeting room to screen for COVID-19 symptoms and contact tracing
  • Provincial guidelines stipulate we maintain these records for 30 days to provide to Toronto Public Health upon request
  • If guest is in meeting for more than one day, they will be provided with a wrist band


  • Daily health screening for associates & vendors through our Security and Loss Prevention Department on the Concourse Level
  • Associates and contractors must wear a face mask at all times
  • Screening is required for all workers, contractors, repair workers, delivery workers, students, volunteers, inspectors or others who are entering the business or organization for work purposes and not as patrons (Includes Site visits, DJ’s, Decorators, Encore etc.)

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