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  What is hemochromatosis? Hemochromatosis is an iron disorder that largely affects the liver, however if left untreated can damage joints and other organs.  Iron is a good thing, however […]

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Hepatitis Awareness Month

  May marks hepatitis awareness month.  Hepatitis is an inflammatory disease of the liver.  It can be caused by chemical/drug exposure, autoimmune disease or by a virus.  Viral hepatitis is […]

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NP Claudia Mariano talks about help for Quitting Smoking

              Question: “I want to quit smoking but I’m afraid I won’t be successful. What are my options?” Quitting smoking is hard, but there […]

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Red Flags in the ER

Susan Jezerinac MSc, NP   The Red Eye You Don’t Want to Miss A very common patient presentation to health care practitioners is a red eye.  Fortunately, most causes of red […]

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The Latest on Medical Cannabis

Julie L. Lossing MN NP The Latest on Medical Cannabis: Cannabis, as its popular nickname suggests, grows freely almost everywhere. In Ontario ditches this summer look closely and you may […]

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Questions about Refugee Care? See the January Edition of “Ask the NP” for Resources for Caregivers and Healthcare Providers.

With one heartbreaking photo, the media lens of 2015 became sharply focused on the plight of refugee migration. Citizens and health care practitioners throughout Canada acknowledged the record number of […]

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Could my Child’s Sore Throat be Strep? We asked Paediatric Nurse Practitioners Aliya Jaffer and Mollie McConnell for the Answers.

November 2015 “Ask the NP” Edition Is it Strep Throat? With cold and influenza season starting this month, those dreadful sore throats are also right around the corner. Unfortunately, it’s […]

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Can a Child have a Stroke? NP Kathleen Andres has the answers here in the October “Ask the NP” Edition

Question: Can Children have Strokes? Strokes can occur at any age, from before birth into young adulthood. Between 3 and 6 per 100,000 children aged 28 days to 18 years […]

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Why Should I go for a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment? We asked NP Debbie Daly in the September Edition of “Ask the NP”.

My Nurse Practitioner Wants Me to Have a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment: What is a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA), and why would I need one?   Canadians are living longer, and […]

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NP Peggy Rice Discusses Bone Density (BMD) Testing in the August edition of “Ask the NP”

What is a Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test and why is it done? Our bones are continually remodeling over a 7 year cycle which consists of bone formation and resorption. […]

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Why Should I have a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy? NP Nancy Bikaunieks has the Answers

  MY NP WANTS ME TO HAVE A FLEXIBLE SIGMOIDOSCOPY WHY SHOULD I HAVE ONE?         1. A flexible sigmoidoscopy (flex sig) examines the lower third of […]

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NP Claudia Mariano responds to the Question: Why don’t I need an annual physical anymore?

  Question: Why don’t I need an annual physical anymore?         For many years, we were all diligently advised to see our health care provider every year, […]

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NP Eileen McMahon provides information on Fertility Treatments (May 2015)

“Can fertility treatments overcome age?” Many women are knowledgeable about contraception or preventing pregnancy because yearly visits to a primary care provider often include this discussion. Unfortunately, very few women […]

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NP Cindy Pritchard answers questions about Bipolar Disorder in the April Edition of “Ask the NP” (April, 2015)

“My 22 year old son has just been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. What does this mean and what can he do to treat it?” Bipolar Disorder (BD) or what was […]

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Questions about Different Birth Control Options? NP Jennifer Hartford provides a review of available methods in this edition of “Ask the NP” (March, 2015)

Client Options for Birth Control   Fortunately, women today have many choices and options to be able to plan families and prevent unwanted pregnancy. The multitude of options available can […]

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Questions about how to Lose Weight? Why not Ask NP Claudia Mariano for answers!

    “I’m trying to lose weight after the holidays, what’s the best thing to do?”       Weight loss has long been promoted as the path to physical and […]

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NP Kathryn Flanigan answers common questions about Urinary Incontinence in the January Edition of “Ask the NP” (January, 2015)

    Question: I am 63 years old and have an embarrassing problem, when I cough or sneeze I wet my pants. Is this going to happen for the rest […]

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NP Cindy Pritchard answers your questions about Postpartum Depression (Dec, 2014)

    “I am a first-time mother of a baby and some days I feel overwhelmed with this new role.  How do I know if I have postpartum depression?”   […]

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What are the Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. NP Joanna Dickinson has the answers in the November Edition of “Ask the NP” (November, 2014)

   Question:  I often feel gloomy in the winter. Do I have  seasonal affective disorder and if so what  can I do about it?     Answer: Many of us […]

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Should I be concerned if my Child is Obese? NP Preeti Grewal has the answers in the October Edition of “Ask the NP” (October 2014)

  My pediatrician is worried my child is obese and has suggested intervention on many occasions.  My family is big boned and he’ll grow out of this right? Why should […]

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