Position Statement on Nurse Practitioners in Independent Practice and NP Clinics

The Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario (NPAO) represents almost 5,000 Nurse Practitioners (NPs) across the province. NPAO is dedicated to the empowerment and integration of NPs across Ontario. NPs are highly educated, trained, and experienced practitioners who can meet the healthcare needs of many Ontarians, including through primary, hospital, and specialty care. 

Our current healthcare system is struggling to cope with the overwhelming demand of healthcare needs, especially amongst vulnerable and underserved communities. Despite the government’s authorization for NPs to operate independently and establish autonomous clinics, there exists an insufficiency of easily accessible funding mechanisms. This limits the number of public positions and practice settings available for NPs. Private clinics are a consequence of the lack of funding models for NP practice. 

NPAO continues to champion the expansion and the development of accessible funding models for NPs in Ontario, advocating tirelessly with both the Ontario Government and the Ministry of Health. NPs are ready and willing to work to support the healthcare needs of Ontarians. 

NPAO continues to be committed to working with the Ministry of Health to improve integration of NPs in the healthcare system.

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