Statement on the Discovery of Mass Graves at Kamloops Indigenous Residential School

It is with very heavy hearts that NPAO acknowledges the atrocities and cultural genocide that Canada’s Indigenous peoples endure at the hands of settlers. We are once again reminded of this shocking reality through the discovery of 215 bodies of children from the Kamloops Indigenous Residential School. We recognize that this is, by no means, an isolated incident. We stand in solidarity with our Indigenous communities, families, Nurse Practitioners, and colleagues who have for years mourned the significant loss of life of family members and loved ones. We acknowledge the trauma inflicted by settlers and support the completion of the action items of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, including further investigation into the Residential School system. This injustice again highlights the painful reality and
the urgent need for all Canadians to take corrective action.

June 1, 2021

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